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November 9, 2007

Dating and Marriage service inside secrets Pt -3

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Hello.. –Today I’ll tell you the Benefits of joining a face to face Dating and Matchmaking Service–

Well I must say that this blog is getting deeper into the crap of how these agencies work and I love letting the world know the facts. Without knowledge there is no power and without power there exist to many ways to get ripped off when all we want is to find someone to love us unconditionally. Keep your eyes open wide and you will see the clear benefits of joining a face to face marriage service.  There are several clear benefits of joining matchmaking services starting with having your own personal “Love agent” . Baseball players have agents, singers have agents, even agents have agents so why not have an agent for yourself to handle your love life while you’re at work or even at home watching the love connection on tv.

An agency can help you save time searching for that special sweetness that your coffee is missing. Think about being able to walk into a building, search thru a few thousand records that include birthdays, income, good and bad habits and marital status, height, weight, job title and more. You get home and think to yourself …WOW.. I just went shopping for my man or my woman and now it’s up to my agent to do what I instructed him or her to do, find me a one of a kind soul mate while I sit at home taking in the fresh air living it up stress free and catching up on much needed sleep.

If your Love agent does everything correctly and you’ve choosen the right program that will get positive results in a reasonable amount of time you should be on your way to your cupids house before you can say hey baby you are hot.. so let’s sum it up..

1.Join a dating service and save yourself a ton of time andmoney at the club, you’re going to spend money anyway so why not decide a controlled amount and get the results you are looking for.

2. Go thru several profiles of men or women who are exactly the type you seek, filter out the bad and go straight for the cream of the crop.

3. Meet for the first time in the safety of a controlled environment, ladies have this safety concern when meeting men except  for the lady on the movie Monster ha ha ha..

Want access to millions of members check out This website is definately results oriented and full of real members seeking real love. If you are in Japan check out International Love Network. Our next article will cover Nasty tricks of the trade to watch out for. If you have any questions please feel free to post them.




November 3, 2007

Dating Service Dirty Secrets- Pt1

cullen4.jpgHi I’m Cullen, Welcome to my dating blog where I’ll take time out of my schedule to let the world know about the dating scene in Japan. As the owner of one of Japan’s most popular international websites and face-to-face meeting club I think that it’s my duty to give you some important information that should come in handy when you decide what dating service to use, how much to pay, what system to choose and how long you choose to participate.

 I’ll start with some big misconceptions that people have about dating services and I’ll get into some funny, sad and interesting events that I’ve experienced in this business so go get some great coffee and get ready to read a powerful story into dating  and marriage agencys behind the scenes.   I’ll begin with the most outrageous misconception about face to face dating and marriage services.  

Most people who haven’t had the privilege or good fortune to use a dating service thinks that the members must be terribly unattractive or what’s wrong with this person to have joined a dating service. OK here is the truth straight from someone who has over 12 years in this industry. Oh my god Oh my god is the three best words that I can say to describe the women that use dating services. 90% of the time I suddenly have the immediate desire to give up my business and come back as a customer 🙂 You think why would such lovely women use the service when guys are all over them on the street ??? The problem with this is that a guy on the street dose not have some very useful information listed on his forehead.

By a dating service a woman can check  out exactly who she is attracted to before saying even one word to him. She can see what he does in his career, what his hobbies are, if he drinks, smokes, has kids and education level and blood type among other things. These women use dating and marriage services because of the saftey, comfort and security that they feel during the first time meeting because the match maker is there introducing them and ensuring things go well. If things do not go well she’ll stay in the office environment for awhile while I tell the guy to go ahead and we’ll give it a try again in the near future.

If things go well they decide to leave and have dinner or a drink together and thats the first day of the rest of their lives.  The same senerio for men applies accept that men have no worries about safety but often have concerns about a woman’s qualities and family values and sometimes only her cooking ability ha ha.. Every single person that uses a Dating service can find someone on their own or at least 90% of them can.

The advantage of using a service to assist you with your dating conquest is that while you’re working, playing, on a vacation or even sleeping we are continously searching for someone special to match what you’ve requested on your matching form.

Imagine coming home after a long days work and hearing a message saying Hi.. Someone joined our service today and you were their very first choice, please come down and take a look at who this wonderful person is, if you accept her offer she would like to meet you at our office on Saturday at 8:00pm if you cannot come and see her information we’ll be happy to e-mail it to you for your eyes only.  

Stay tuned for part 2 the key to a delicious date Here are a couple of my favorite dating service links that I highly recommend .. Check out this site I love the talking babe…. .

For those seeking face to face Dating in Japan.

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See you in a day or two for part 2 the key to a delicious date Cullen

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