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January 10, 2010

Japanese Women who are Single are seeking you for Dating

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December 21, 2009

Quick and effective Dating Sites to Get Your Japanese Groove On

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I was thinking the other day and wondering why I’ve been so selfish with my secret online hangout spots that I use to pick up some extra Coochie here and there…

Check out Japanese Friend Finder

Don’t miss Tokyo Friend Finder

These spots are primo for being stuffed with real babes, real hit-ups and messages from women and not e-whores.

Have fun..

September 18, 2008

Dating Secrets Pt 3

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Well guys and girls I’m here to say go ahead and try a dating service rather it’s online or face to face because with all of the negative their is so many positive reasons why someone should take the time to find your love in any way that is available to you at the time.

My favorite website although it’s named Japanese friend the site actually has people from all cultures and races worldwide. I’ve written several ladies there and found many friends on the site.

It’s a fun world out there if you know where to go and stop sitting around and waiting for love to find you. Go for it and have fun while doing it. Be safe, be caredful and be smart.

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